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Kaal Full Movies 720p Download




released. DeaCon, how is the video file encoded BluesKaj: I think it is xvid if you don't know, then it's obviously been encoded xvid is very common, x264 is recommended on linux, DeaCon !info x264 x264 (source: x264): video encoder from the x264 project. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:0.148+git20150131.bb9b23a-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 270 kB, installed size 892 kB BluesKaj: i want to put this video on the server, there is nothing on it yet, and be able to play it from anywhere on my laptop when needed DeaCon, that sounds like a media server BluesKaj: does that mean i need a dedicated server to do that? DeaCon, no DeaCon, if you're just using the video as a media file then use a virtual machine or a usb stick on the server DeaCon, BluesKaj: so i need to encode this movie so i can put it on the server, right? BluesKaj: thank you DeaCon, yup BluesKaj: i read that site, but it was confusing DeaCon, make sure to choose the right encoder, xvid uses less cpu DeaCon, choose the right codec as well DeaCon, or just use libav DeaCon, you're trying to do more than play a video file, you want to serve the media file as well




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Kaal Full Movies 720p Download

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