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Hello Music City! Farewell our Nation's city!

33 days. Holy cow. I might throw up! This move to Fort Campbell is coming up quickly- I feel like I JUST started my countdown but really that was about a month ago already!

If you have not heard the news yet, our family is about to PCS (military code for changing duty stations) to Fort Campbell, KY. Ft. Campbell is just 45 minutes north of Nashville, on the TN/KY border. Hello country music and mountain views!

For my NoVA Clients

We are moving ourselves so that our children can be settled by the start of school, which is the beginning of August for TN schools. In just 5 weeks I will have my last session here in the DMV and spend my last week here at Ft Belvoir editing and packing.

There will never be words that can fully express my love for Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Or for all of my clients and friends that I made along the way. Clients that became friends. Babies I have known since the moment they entered the world, capturing their birth thru their first years and entering kindergarten. Families I watched grow from just a couple to a family of 5! Over 1400 sessions during my time here- thank you, from the bottom of my heart Ft Belvoir <3

Six years is a very long time for a family in the military to be stationed in one place. We are ready to go and enjoy new experiences! While it is hard to leave a place that you are comfortable and familiar with, filled with friends, at heart I am a ‘go, go, goer’ who LOVES new experiences and seeing ALL the new things!

Getting Started at Ft Campbell/Clarksville

All 4 children will be in school (which is hard to believe, when we moved to Ft Belvoir only our oldest was in school) while I will be location scouting and setting up the studio and our home.

The easiest sessions I'll be able to schedule (starting NOW so please share with your friends in the Clarksville/Ft Campbell area!) are Fresh 48s. These sessions are offered at the hospital/birthing and capture baby’s earliest moments. You can never get back those first 48 hours. The first days of falling in love with your baby, or my favorite, capturing a sibling meeting new baby! My passion is in these unscripted moments of fresh bliss and awe. I will be Fort Campbell and Clarksville TN area's ‘Premier Fresh 48 Photographer’. Only few photographers in the area offer these sessions and I have compared my work with the limited offerings. As I move my focus to fresh 48 sessions, I will be getting away from in studio posed newborn sessions. I have just fallen out of love with doing them. It's so important to do what you LOVE.

Speaking of doing what you love, I am so excited to start offering classic children black and white portraits. I have been dreaming of making this a substantial part of my services for 2 years. These are portraits that will last a lifetime while being timeless...

I will continue to specialize in the family story- the journey from maternity, to birth/fresh 48/lifestyle newborn, milestones, and family photos. I am also excited to be back at a deployment heavy base to capture the raw moments of homecomings and pre-deployment hugs.

While Washington DC and Ft Belvoir will always hold a part of my heart I am ready to head to the heartland and take on the adventures TN and KY hold in store for Jeni Johnson Photography and the Johnson Family.

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