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How I get the 'for real smiles' at family sessions....

Imagine this: It's been 5 years since your last family pictures... the youngest still in diapers. Since then, she's lost baby teeth and is in that amazing awkward, big adult teeth, for her not adult sized body phase. Your oldest has somehow magically skipped the gangly pre-teen phase you went through (seriously, these kids are SO lucky!). Your middle one is in the 'hard to get a real smile' unless you talk about farts phase... You're nervous about making up for a few missing years of family pictures.

Now, your moments away from moving from this place you've called home for a short while... Tennessee. Thats where I come in! With an amazing golden sunset on a surprise 50 degree day in winter!

I love to chat while we walk over to the field with a barn (or my tree lined road, whichever you choose), and get to know y'all. We start our session with family pictures, doing a few different poses. Then, I tell the parents to scoot out of the kids only picture. Where I tell the kids they REALLY love their siblings today - getting a great natural smile because sometimes that's not true....haha

Following the kids group pictures with some individual pictures. I suggest you totally skip those yucky school pictures, because these ones are better and way more them with real smiles! I like to think I'm funny and get REAL smiles from the kids... I've totally been known to "fart" while squatting down to take their picture. Let me tell you the amazing laughing smiles I get from those! Or my Wicked Witch laugh... thats always a good one. Okay, maybe I've got some funny looks from doing that laugh - haha. Next, we make the kids go 'EWW' while we focus on the parent pictures! Lots of hair sniffing and whispering to your person how much you love pizza in their ear... We finish up the session with a few fun family pictures. Butt bumping has totally happened during a session, or having the littlest one run as fast as they can, pulling the whole family along. I really love making your family session unique and fun with some memories of the day. Don't worry about practicing the fake smiles, you can tell the kids (and husbands) to leave them at home because the real ones are coming out at your session! Have fun scrolling through a few of this families pictures while you decide if any of those things I talked about happened or not....

What do you think? Did fart jokes, witch laughs, hair smelling, and loving on pizza happen? Book your session with me, lets make up for the space in your family pictures! No matter the season....


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