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The Best Gifts From 2020 Have Started To Arrive: Newborns

Newborn Photographers LOVE "baby season". Normally, baby season is the end of August thru October. And when you do the math, it's all the "free" time winter brings us indoors. Fall newborns plus fall foliage family sessions create the busiest 2 months for many photographers. But due to the Covid lockdown that started at the end of March 2020, this year has a different newborn season... January 2021! One blessing from not being busy (if you weren't an essential worker) was having a bit of free time during the Spring months. I love that a little bundle of joy can be brought into the world during such a crazy time. And I'm most happy that families choose to continue to capture this very short and precious time with their brand new baby. I'm so excited to have room for plenty of "quarantine" babies this year!

Welcome to the world little guy. I am so happy to meet your new generation.


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