Always be in your family picture

Too many times have I thought how overweight I am & how I don't want to be in my family pictures.

My husband often looks like a single parent...

How many times I have heard this same line from my clients? FAR TOO MANY! WHY do we do this to ourselves? Our kids don't care! They will care when we're gone and they don't have any pictures of us with them.

I birthed 5 children in 7.5 years. Want to know the toll that took on my body? An awful one. Especially with number 5 being a TEN pound, four ounce baby. I developed hypothyroidism which makes it super hard to loose any weight. I try: I eat healthy, I workout. I don't drink any soda or sugary drinks. I take my medication every day to help my thyroid be normal... but nothing has helped. I can play the pity myself game everyday, all day, and hate my body. My nose is too wide, my face is too round, my arms are thick, my hair doesn't 'do' because it can't hold a curl or anything of the like since it's so thick....I mean I have a TON of reasons that I could go on and on about NOT liking my body.