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Last Spring in DC - What to Wear

I'm sad to say that this is my last FULL season here in DC. We move mid-July to Fort Campbell, KY. The Army life has left us in DC for over 6 years and during these amazing years, I've done over 2,000 sessions. But my favorite? Cherry blossoms! Nothing says DC more than the cherry blossom trees. This year I had TWO amazing locations y'all were able to pick from (yes, that means I'm FULLY BOOKED for this year's cherry blossoms). Both locations are cherry blossom trees, just different genes. One is puffier while the other is a simple 5 petal flower. The best part of both these locations is we don't have to deal with DC, the traffic, or the crowds!

This year, spring fashion is boasting bold colors (via the NYC fashion show announcement) however, bold colors have never been my favorite with the cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are so light and airy, bold colors just don't coordinate well together.

I went searching for y'all. And one of the best ways to suggest what you should wear, is..... LACE. Lace is soft and delicate. It's not a busy pattern because it's all one color. But it's rich in texture.

2019 Spring Colors

Here is a wonderful color pallet to use as a guide.

We include outfit coordination as part of your photography experience, so please send us a lay flat or video going over your outfit options and we will provide feedback or suggestions to make them perfect! I also have several options that may work for your littles that I am happy to lend for the session. Shoes and accessories are the icing on the outfit cake- so make sure shoes are coordinating (skip the school sneakers) and accessories are classic (big bows may not be so popular in a few years) Don't forget, as I always stress.... make sure however you dress, the colors you pick coordinate with your home. You want your pictures to be apart of your home & match it.

For our littles, Check out the outfits below! All my outfit inspiration is from Pinterest.

Outfits for the whole family below.

And - for the perfect spring flair, Momma..... consider a tulle skirt!!!

Below you can see a beautiful momma wearing one. (I own all 3 outfits and am happy to lend them out!)


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