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So...I started a blog

Here I am, writing a blog. Currently, I'm recovering from a surgery - I had 2 hernias and diastastis recti repaired. So if things don't sound right, lets just blame it on the pain meds, okay? Okay.

I thought I would make this a fun, life lesson-y blog. I thought of a lot of ideas - 60 to be exact. I'll be touching on all the subjects of my life and whats important to me. Such as:

Family - I have had 5 kids and have been married for 11 years.

Body - I have hypothyroidism, attempt to be gluten free/eat a keto diet, enjoy heavy weight lifting, and I also torture myself doing cardio.

Photography - Everything to do with my work... editing, props, the back office, what to wear, ETC.... Miscellaneous things like home design, keeping a house clean-ish, vacations, blah blah blah.

Have you ever made a New Years Resolution? I do. Every year. Last year my resolution was to be more thoughtful. This year it's to be more selfish... Complete opposites, huh? But they aren't, really. As a mom of many, wife, and business owner - I push myself aside 99% of the time. So this year, I'd like to be able to do things for myself, which makes me more able and willing to do things for others. This is the first time I've ever taken a week off of work for myself. Normally if I take time off it's to help with someone else's (aka my husband) recovery from surgery, or for a family vacation - we take our kids somewhere fun once or twice a year. I won't make this first blog go on for too long - I just thought I would do a little introduction. Aside from getting to know me and share a bit of my work with you- I sleep better when I write my thoughts down (a blog is cheaper than therapy lol).


My Family

Husband; Chris

Husband: Chris and I have been married for 11 years. We met and got married 4 months later. Yes, love at first sight is what we call it... and man have we been through a lot! He's a medic in the Army and works in our hospitals ER. He's a really hard worker for the Army. One of the things I find as his best asset. And he's cute...


Christopher: 10 years old. He has ADHD and it's often a struggle with school work and a general no motivation attitude. But this kid is sweet and crazy smart. And he looks like his Daddy the most out of all the kids.

Julieann: 9 years old. She's the boss of the kids. Has the oldest sibling attitude, even though she's not. She could *almost* be left in charge. She's the most creative child we have. She aspires to be a big cat veterinarian/ zookeeper.

Drawing of Caralynn by Askas Artlier

Caralynn: would be 5. She was born with a heart defect (truncous arteriousus). She's a perfect little fighter.

The long story short: She passed away after issues during surgery, caused by the hospital/doctors. We tried to sue them, but man those doctors sure know how to cover their butts. Surgery at 6 days new that went bad. She was put on an ECMO machine for over a month. We almost lost her several times. She went on a heart transplant list; and was quickly disqualified because her lungs got too beat up by the ECMO machine. A heart lung transplant isn't an option for a 1 month old baby. She passed away when she was 3 months old when she became septic.

That entire year surrounding her life is a blur to me.


Jaelynn: 4 years old. We don't call her cray-cray-Jae-Jae for nothing. This girl is a spit fire! Born 13 months after Caralynn we needed her energy. She was born 50 hours after her Daddy returned home from deployment! She loves learning her Pre-K stuff right now and going to 'school' aka daycare. Church, this girl loves to go to church!

Calvin: 3 years old. Lover of dinosaurs and fire trucks. He is our cuddle bug and has this ability to just look at you and cheer you up. I don't know how he does it, but he can do naughty things and just the way he looks at you you basically forget! haha

Pets: 2 dogs Tank: 5 year old Shepard mix - he's my good dog- except he barks at everything! Rosie: less then 1 year old Lab mix - have you ever seen Marley and Me? Well thats her....

Me: Jeni, I'm a high flow professional photographer with over 30 clients each month. I mostly follow the shoot and share model of photography. I have a knack for newborns, being called the 'baby whisperer'. I run my tiny home studio with the help of Kate, my booking and website assistant. (I totally had to FaceTime/screen share with her to get this blog up and attached to my website, LOL.) I am manager of the Johnson household, keeping the kids happy/healthy, chef, driver, etc........ I love to DIY everything I can. I also love finding affordable ways to do things (especially keeping my clients costs of a session affordable!)


So this was longer then I thought it would be... here is a picture to make up for that.

My cute little {big} family after church last week! (Feb 19th, 2017)

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