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Headshots that Represent You - How to Pick!

How I pick the perfect head shot image and which ones/styles you should use on your website or business page.

Abigail came to my studio for some headshots, and so I could show her some lighting techniques, and have some fun! We played with texture, pattern, and 'wind'. This is a little sneak peek on how I pick the perfect headshots so your clients can get to see you. You have 2 seconds to make a first impression- make it count!

Abigail is the woman behind Abigail Larkin Photography - she loves the old film look. Her style is a little darker then my typical light and airy, crisp and clean edit/shooting style.

To match her branding, I geared my edits towards her. If you're a photographer shooting for another photographer, even though they hired you for your eye and style you don't want to have a completely different look with their headshots on their website then the edit style that they offer. For other businesses, I work with them and within their brand for light, dark, neutral, etc.

This would be a perfect headshot image to go on her "about me" page. It makes you want to know her!

Immediately, I see her eyes. I casually drift along her image, following the eyes to her eyebrows, and follow the lines of her hair. Creating uniqueness to each image, the movement from the fan allows a flow of interest. Her motion and hair movement draws you into her.

These two images, frame after frame. Just a simple head tilt, black and white vs color, the fan still giving movement. These are good candidates for a great headshot. But they don't draw in for personality quite like the black and white.

This image! How does a photographer achieve such an awesome GENUINE laugh? Well, you give your best witch laugh impersonation of course! Sometimes I ask them to give one back... (kids LOVE giving their best witch laugh). Adults feel silly... so continuing to ask for it, being silly and real, gives you something like this!

What would Abigail use this laughing image for on her website? Perhaps her mailing signature or banner. This just shows how fun Abigail is. Abigail loves working with children and families! What better a personal image to draw in family/children then her laugh?

The following images are a few more of her headshot images which make the cut as website potentials. When making a website, using images of yourself to show people who you are, it is only necessary to use a couple of images. You can use other headshots on emails or business cards as well- or a social media account profile picture.

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