Changing Leaves, Pumpkin Spice, and Fall Photos- Planning Your Outfits

The seasons are changing once again... this time with cool crisp air, orange & yellow leaves, apple picking, trick or treating, and fall family pictures!

The two main factors we encourage clients to consider when planning their outfits is colors to compliment your home and clothes that match your style. Here is how to pull those two factors into your outfits along with some general tips on stylizing. If you read my spring what to wear post - you know I aim to make your family portrait look like it belongs in your house. Picking the colors that work IN your house for your outfits and a style that makes your portrait blend with the rest of your home.

I am most likely to hang our family portrait in our living room. My living room is a baby blue, grey, white, and yellow accents. My family's spring outfits blend nicely with the decor. This year, for fall, I'll aim for grey, cream, and yellow outfits. Again, because