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Changing Leaves, Pumpkin Spice, and Fall Photos- Planning Your Outfits

The seasons are changing once again... this time with cool crisp air, orange & yellow leaves, apple picking, trick or treating, and fall family pictures!

The two main factors we encourage clients to consider when planning their outfits is colors to compliment your home and clothes that match your style. Here is how to pull those two factors into your outfits along with some general tips on stylizing. If you read my spring what to wear post - you know I aim to make your family portrait look like it belongs in your house. Picking the colors that work IN your house for your outfits and a style that makes your portrait blend with the rest of your home.

I am most likely to hang our family portrait in our living room. My living room is a baby blue, grey, white, and yellow accents. My family's spring outfits blend nicely with the decor. This year, for fall, I'll aim for grey, cream, and yellow outfits. Again, because thats what will look good in my living room.

*family photo by Kemis Irenee Photography


Once you have an idea of what colors look good in your home, there are many options for what to actually wear- all depending on your family's style. The goal is to coordinate colors and not be matchy-matchy or one color heavy. Below I've created a three looks for different styles with fall 2017's most popular colors: navy, grey, mustard, burgundy, cream, olive green, and brown.

The first looks is for the dressy family with navy, cream, yellow, and grey.

The second look is for the casual family with olive green, cream, grey, and blue.

The third look is for a dressy casual family. Americana as inspiration with burgundy, navy, and cream.


A few additional tips and thoughts as you put together your outfits....

Buy the majority of clothes at the SAME STORE.

Why? For the best chance of the colors being the same. Companies use the same shade of cloth when they make the clothing across sizes (men, women, children).

Only 1 or 2 articles, between everyones outfits, should have PATTERN.

Why? Because then the outfits won't be too busy in the overall portrait. In the example below the picture on the left has way too many competing patterns.

SHOES make a huge difference.

Why? Because having the perfect outfit should be tied together with the polish piece. Dress MOM first! Why? Because, lets be honest.... we are the most difficult to find something that we absolutely love. Most women dress the kids first, since they are easy. But keep that in mind and work backwards. Dress yourself, then your spouse, then the kids - since after all, they are the easy ones.

Think about your JEWELRY choices.

Why? A piece of jewelry can not only add a pop of color, a touch of timeless elegance, but can also distract. This is especially true if you have small children - necklaces and earrings attract their attention like you wouldn't believe! I've had kids break moms necklace, not be able to stop eating a necklace, or tried to rip an earring right out. When in doubt keep it small and classic.


Have nothing to wear in your closets?? Kate pulled this outfit together at Target in just a few minutes while shopping. A dressy casual family with colors burgundy, navy, and gray.

Unless you are going for the COMICAL family photo, this is an example of what NOT to wear....

Kate and I love stylizing your sessions so please reach out if you'd like some assistance! Remember that photos never go as planned- proper preparation (telling kids what is going to be happening a few days before hand) can go a long way to a smooth session. Don't be afraid to have a bribe in mind either! Be yourselves and be calm- you will love the candid fun photos that may not be "picture perfect" with your family more than forced smiles. I can't wait to see you all for your fall family photos!

~ Jeni


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